Beccles is a confident and happy place.  Our students receive excellent pastoral care and support in a small school setting.  Our staff know each of their students as individuals.

We have worked in close collaboration with our students and their families to put in place clear and open channels of communication. Parents/carers are informed at the start of each academic year of the teacher who has direct responsibility for their child’s pastoral care.

We are committed to promoting the safety and wellbeing of students and Beccles works very closely with the Suffolk Safeguarding Children Board.  If anyone within the school community has concerns about a student, school policy requires them to share them with Mr T Ward, Deputy Headteacher, our designated safeguarding member of staff.


Our tutors are the main point of contact between school and home.  They meet with their tutor group each morning for registration and have them for three periods each week as part of our unique enrichment programme.  During that time the group might attend an assembly or take part in PSHE or Citizenship activities.

For parents/carers the tutor will be the first point of contact in the school for educational or pastoral issues.

Transition support

We know that some pupils find it difficult to adjust to the demands of secondary school so we ensure that all of our Year 7s receive plenty of support when they join us.  First year tutor groups are led by teachers who are experienced in the transition journey.  Parents/carers are introduced to their son/daughter’s tutor at the start of the academic year and regular communications between home and school facilitate this process.

Lower school

Students in Years 8 and 9 at Beccles are placed in mixed tutor groups, this encourages a strong community ethos by breaking down traditional age barriers.  The younger students interact on a daily basis with older ones who have already embarked on some GCSE work and they quickly become mentors to their younger peers.  We have found the benefits of this approach are many and varied.  Beccles has a dedicated Head of the Lower School, Miss J Reeve, who supports tutors whilst monitoring attendance, academic performance and liaising with external agencies as required.

Upper school

Year 10 and 11 students are also placed in mixed tutor groups.  This is all done under the leadership of the Head of Upper School, Mr J Bradley.