Attending school is important to ensure students are able to make the most of their education in order to reach their full potential. If you raise a child’s attendance you raise their academic chances. As a parent/carer you are legally responsible for ensuring that your child receives a suitable education. Failure to ensure that your child attends school punctually and regularly may lead to legal action being taken against you. This could result in each parent/carer receiving a fine of up to £2,500 for each case or up to 3 months imprisonment. In order to try and avoid this Beccles Free School works with students, parents and other agencies to ensure you carry out your legal responsibility of making sure your child attends school. We do this in partnership with Suffolk County Council. The Government now consider attendance above 95% to be an acceptable level. As a school, we are concerned when student’s attendance drops below 95% and we take steps to address issues of attendance with students and/or parents when attendance begins to fall. This can include the following steps:

Full details of the legal actions and process (including penalty notices) can be found on the Suffolk County Council website.

Useful websites:

Suffolk County Council – Attending School:

Coram Children’s Legal Centre: